Hidayath Group strives hard for full customer satisfaction by providing good quality products/services, which represent good values for money at the most economical cost.

Hidayath Group is committed to produce the highest quality product, related services and anticipate that it’s products, would become world-class and the first choice for consumer by monitoring and improving quality management system processes, products, services and training, developing by motivating personnel.

The management’s objective is to achieve the following:

  • To improve the quality of products
  • Enhance the customer satisfactions
  • To solidify the company’s identity with customer
  • To improve employee’s well being
  • To improve profitability and company valve
  • Enhance risk base thinking everywhere in our organization
  • Communicate the Quality Policy to all the employees, suppliers, customers & other interested parties.

Hidayath Group is committed to review the Quality Policy & Objectives, periodically, to ensure its continuing suitability. We are also committed to comply with customer and regulatory requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management system.