Dear Business Partner

As the Hidayath Group approaches its 45th anniversary, we are proud of our dynamic growth in architectural, industrial, and service industry. To achieve this growth, HIDAYATH has capitalized on select opportunities including strategic expansion, several discrete acquisitions and exciting forays into new geographic markets.

Our ambitions are to provide total solutions in stainless steel and allied metals across different industries and services. As part of our ongoing effort to further our presence across the globe, we are tirelessly developing solutions by offering expertise in design and support it with continuous life-cycle services.

Commitment to training our personnel, along with continuously upgrading and modernizing our equipment and methods cements further our relationship with our diverse clientele.

Going forward, as a business partner, our commitment is that HIDAYATH Group of Companies will continue to strengthen its position as the premier solution provider in the existing markets and beyond.

We look forward to continuing to serve all your stainless steel and allied metal needs.


Hidayathulla Abbas
Chairman Hidayath Group